Player housing is a massive aspect of Lime Odyssey, which allows players to form towns and sell their life classes produce or just meet up and chat. The Lime Odyssey housing system works in an instanced zone environment basically meaning it's in it's own separate map.You can apparently build houses in the same instanced zone as friends/guild mates.The furnishings of your home will have to be crafted or possibly will be able to be bought from a NPC, but a NPC is just speculation while crafting house furnishes is known So you can create a tiny friendly neighborhood or an enormous guild town. The buildings can be made according to your trade class. So if your a chef you can make your own restaurant, tailors can make a sewers point, or a teamaker where you set up your own tea house. Well to do all this theres this one special class , Architect where they will build your house of course if you provide the materials and any fees.