Playable Races: Humans, Muris

Art of the Mage class

Mages are long range magic users. They have two branches, Elemental and Dark. Each have their own unique use.

Tier 2 - Magician(?), Wise man(?), Scroll maker

Elemental mages deals tons of damge with the skills and are more mana friendly. Elemental mages focuses on high magic damage. Their skills allows them to slow their enemies to distance themselves and attack from afar. This skill tree has the most AoE skills making elemental mages ideal for parties.

Dark mages are ideal for soloing and Pve. They are more on survivability, focusing to stay alive. Their skills allow damage over time while they deal constant damage holding the enemy in place. To deal damage while healing theirselves at the same time allows them to survive through long battles.They are able to buff themselves and their party. Although there is only one AoE skill in the dark brance. Dark mages tend to eat up mana more quickly and with low damage but don't imply that elemental are better than dark, they both have different roles and may be better in different situations.

Mage Class SkillsEdit

Icon Ability Name Class Level Branch Required Weapon Mana Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Description
Mana Detonation Class Level Common 34 Instant 5.0s 20m Summons the flames of the Abyss to deal Dark Damage to all nearby enemies.
Wind Arrow Class Level Elemental 21 1.5s 1.0s 25m Create a spinning ball of air that flies towards your target with enough force to deal damage.
Frozen Missile Class Level Elemental 21 2.0 seconds 5.0 seconds 25m Send a chunk of ice hurtling towards the target to inflict magic damage. On hit, the target has the chance to suffer frostbite, reducing movement speed.
Gale Slash Class Level Elemental 19 3.0s 8.5s 25m Engulf the target in a miniature tornado, inflicting magic damage. The higher your skill level, the shorter the casting time.
Lightning Bolt Class Level Elemental 37 1.5s 14.5s 25m Summon a bolt of lightning to inflict magic damage.
Magic Barrier Class Level Elemental 120 Instant 30.0s Create a protective barrier by freezing the moisture in the air. This ability increases your Magic Damage, as well as granting a chance to freeze any enemy that hits you. Only one type of Mage’s barrier can be applied at a time. Being struck while under the protection of Magic Barrier has a chance of reseting the cooldown on Cyclonic Prison.
Glacial Spines Class Level Elemental 73 Instant 10.0s Enormous shards of ice break through the ground in a circle around you, inflicting magic damage on multiple enemies. The higher your skill level, the shorter the cooldown time.
Cyclonic Prison Class Level Elemental 181 2.0s 1min 15m Surround the target with an immobilizing barrier of wind, holding it in place. Attacking the target will dispel Cyclonic Prison.
Fireball Class Level Elemental 53 3.0s 5.0s 25m Hurl a fireball at the target to inflict magic damage. The higher your skill level, the shorter the cooldown and casting time.
Absolute Zero Class Level Elemental 134 1.0s 28.0s 25m Freeze the air in the target area, dealing magic damage to multiple enemies. Upon being hit, the targets have a chance of becoming frozen. A frozen target will be immobilized until it is struck again.
Arcane Force Class Level Elemental 283 Instant 2min Improves the caster’s magic damage.
Meteor Strike Class Level Elemental 173 3.0s 25m Summon a meteor to obliterate the target area. The impact deals initial magic damage, then continues to burn enemies within its radius, dealing damage over time. Higher skill levels mean a a shorter casting time, but a longer cooldown time.
Mana Spike Class Level Darkness Staff, Grimoire 36 1.0s 4.0s 20m Channels mana through your weapon to inflict physical damage. This also has a chance to temporarily knock the target unconscious. The higher your skill level, the shorter the casting time.
Intelligence Boost Class Level Darkness 134 Instant Temporarily increase yours and your party members' Intelligence.
Cremate Class Level Darkness 21 1.5s 6.0s 20m Channel fire energy to cause the target to burst into flames, dealing magic damage, as well as dealing a percentage of your maximum magic damage over time.
Corruption Class Level Darkness 40 Instant 10.0s 20m Curse the enemy with dark magic, dealing damage over time.
Mystic Salvo Class Level Darkness Staff, Grimoire 23 2.0s 10.0s 25m Fire a series of magical orbs at the target, dealing physical damage.
Soul Shackle Class Level Darkness Create a protective barrier of souls around you to absorb incoming damage at the cost of MP. Only one type of Mage's barrier can be used at a time.
Inferno Class Level Darkness 93 Instant 12.0s 20m Throw a helix of demonic fire at the enemy. On hit, this skill deals damage and resets the duration of Burning damage on the target.
Vital Drain Class Level Darkness 101 Instant 2min 15m Launch a ball of negative energy to inflict damage on a target, and recover your HP equal to a percentage of the damage inflicted.
Maelstrom Missile Class Level Darkness 75 0.5s 5.0s 20m The forbidden knowledge you've gained as a warlock allows you to shape a sphere of Demonic Magic that inflicts Dark Damage on the target. The higher your skill level, the shorter the cooldown time.
Narcolepsy Class Level Darkness 251 2.0s 1min 15m Cast a spell of another world and make the target fall asleep. This effect will be canceled when the target is hit again.
Ebon Blaze Class Level Darkness Staff, Grimoire 130 1.5s 10.0s Summon the flames of the abyss to deal Dark Damage to all nearby enemies.