There are much more races in the land of Orta but the current playable races are Humans,Turgas, and Pam/Muris.


Human is the tribe whose past is lost, who had to live long Bohemian life unable to remember where
and what their long forefathers were doing.

Settled on "Blue Coral", a land of blue coral after wandering, Human is gathering forces in order to revive lost old history while accumulating new history


Turga living in meadow on the north of the continent is the tribe of strong lion shape.
Simple and honest as they are, with deep faith and stout strength they intend to be born again as a supreme ruler of the meadow driving back belligerence tiger-shaped Keiger tribe.

Turga is preparing to make a drive to east and north now became enemy's territory, with a stronghold 'Karakunta' that took role of ground of the tribe from long ago.


Dwarf tribe 'Pam' living on cultivating tea field on east ORTA continent is the tribe full of curiosity who like new and miraculous things. They are bright and cheerful fit to disproportionately pretty appearance and easygoing people and have a full knowledge in magic and good hand skills.

Starting AreaEdit